Bathroom Tapware

Bathroom Tapware

One of the most important decisions you will make in your bathroom renovation is your selection of bathroom tapware. Bathroom tapware will be one of the main features in your bathroom. It is both a decision which allows you to showcase your ability to create a bathroom which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to use. Bathroom tapware is also going to be your starting point for selecting your bathroom accessories as it is important for your bathroom design to maintain consistency throughout your bathroom product range.

First Choice Warehouse offers a large range of quality bathroom tapware which will enable you to style your bathroom to your requirements. The bathroom tapware selection process usually begins with selecting the bathroom vanity basin. This in turn will allow you to select a basin mixer and the style of the basin mixer will set the theme for not only your bathroom tapware but your bathroom accessories as well.

There are various options in tapware for your vanity basin. The most obvious and most commonly used these days is the basin mixer. These will sit neatly on your chosen vanity basin or in the case of an undermount basin it would be set into your vanity top. If installing your basin mixer on the vanity top it is recommended that the vanity top is impervious to water. Some basins are taller and do not accommodate a basin mixer in which case a tall basins mixer would be required to be able to reach over the basin. Another option is to have your water outlet coming out of the wall. A wall outlet along with a wall mixer is one option or a wall mixer with a spout combination is a neat option as it incorporates both the wall spout and wall mixer in the one unit and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

A trend with basin outlets which appears to be diminishing is using Tap sets. This is where the hot and cold water are controlled separately. This is preferred by some people, or is simply a good option when wanting to freshen up your bathroom with some new tapware but don't want to go to the expense of installing a new vanity basin or reconfiguring pluming to accommodate a basin mixer. These days there are some very good styles of tap sets which will allow you to create a modern yet functional look. A good option in some tap set ranges is that of a ceramic disc spindle. This allows easy operation of the tap as the tap will fully open and close in only half or a quarter of a turn. Keep in mind that tap sets require a three tap hole vanity basin which is not such a common option these days, so it's a good idea to check this before purchasing.

Apart from the obvious requirement of a basin mixer, you need to select tapware for your shower and/or bathtub. In these you will require either a wall mixer which allows you to control water temperature and flow pressure to your shower rose or bath spout. Where the shower over bath is required and you are running both a bath spout and a shower rose, then a wall mixer with diverter will be required. The wall mixer with diverter allows you to send water to either your shower rose or bath spout in the one unit. This saves costs in that only one wall mixer is required rather then two and reduced costs for installation, another benefit from a bathroom design perspective is that there is less hardware in your shower which reduces clutter and creates a cleaner look in your bathroom.

At First Choice Warehouse we have an extensive range of bathroom tapware and bathroom accessories to match. All our bathroom tapware comes with generous warranty periods which is a testament to the quality we provide. All of our basin mixers are WELS approved which means that they are water efficient and carry the Watermark which is indicates that the tapware complies with the relevant plumbing codes and standards in Australia.