Bathroom Vanity Basins

Be inspired by our Bathroom Basins

First Choice Warehouse offers a large variety of Bathroom Vanity Basins, with or without complimentary bathroom vanities. Many can be seen in our bathroom suites, allowing you to view how our vanity basins will look in a vanity or in your bathroom.

A bathroom basin is often the centrepiece in your bathroom. Vanity basins need to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, so functionality and design are critical. Bathroom basins are made from Vitreous china, stone, solid surfaces that mimic stone, glass or resin material that is gel coated, as well as steel.

We offer many practical and beautiful vanity basins from a number of suppliers. Infinite Ceramics and Polilife Blanc, which are exclusive to First choice Warehouse, provide innovative and beautiful bathroom vanity basins. The bathroom vanity basin is the most visited item in your bathroom, so we suggest making it a design centrepiece.

We offer the following types of basins:

  • Semi Recessed Vanity Basins: A basin partly enclosed within the bench top with the front section protruding beyond the bench area.
  • Above Counter Vanity Basins: A basin that sits on top of the bench
  • Wall Basins: A basin that is mounted to the wall with brackets, usually without a surrounding vanity or counter top.
    TIP: If you decide to install a wall-hung basin you should consider installing chrome bottle traps that sit underneath the basin waste opening. It allows you to hide exposed plumbing to create a neat finish for your bathroom.
  • Undermount Bathroom Basins: A basin that sits beneath the bench, allowing the top of the basin to be flush with the bench top.
  • Inset Bathroom Basins / Partial drop in Bathroom basins: Deep bowled because a large portion of the basin sits underneath the counter, providing a low profile look basin.
  • Vessel Bathroom Basins: This basin sits on top of the counter. Commonly round, we also offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

TIP: Selecting a bathroom vanity basin with an overflow (which is an opening on the higher inside of the basin) allows a run off of water to the waste opening should the basin come close to overflowing.

We invite you to explore the many Bathroom Basins we offer on our web site pages or in our Bathroom Warehouse Showrooms. You can also add the products you are interested in to your Wish List for viewing again later. You can bring this wish list Wish List into our showrooms for closer inspection of your favourite products.

All dimensions are in millimetres and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. Refer to our warranty schedule for further details.