Above Counter Basins

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Above Counter Basins

As the name implies, Above Counter Basins (or Counter Basins) sit on top of the vanity bench.

Counter basins may or may not accommodate the tapware. If your tapware such as the basin mixer is to be set into the bench, then a bench made of material which is impervious to water is recommended.

As Above Counter Basins do not encroach into the cupboard space it is easier to accommodate drawers in your vanity which are easier to use. When adding a counter top basin to an existing vanity, keep in mind that the top of your vanity basin may end up in a too high position, so ensure you factor the height of the basin above the bench into the overall height of the vanity before you make your selection.

There is a misconception that the above counter basins allow for more space in your vanity as you don't have the bowl taking up cupboard space, but keep in mind that the vanity cabinet will in fact be shorter to accommodate the height of the counter basin resulting in no real gain in cupboard space.