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First Choice Warehouse offers high quality and affordable Freestanding baths and Hob Mounted baths to suite a compact bathroom through to a large luxurious bathroom.

The following pages list our core ranges and our Warehouse showrooms display many of the baths as they would be used in a bathroom.

We offer two choices of baths, a Freestanding bath and a Hob Style bath.  The size of your bathroom will determine a Freestanding bath can be accommodated.

Freestanding baths are generally installed away from the bathroom walls and stand in isolation of other bathroom furniture.  If you have a small bathroom, but would still like the look of a Freestanding Bath, we also offer a D –type of Freestanding bath, that has a straight flat side that can be positioned up against a wall.

Most freestanding baths are made from acrylic but there has been an increased demand for solid surface baths which are acrylic composite material that mimics stone.

Freestanding baths can create a luxurious and elegant look to your bathroom.

A Hob Mounted bath is designed to be enclosed in Hob (a surround that encloses the sides of the bath only showing the top of the bath), either against a wall or in an island style setting.

For a small bathroom / compact bathroom combine a bath with an overhead shower to save space.  Hob Mounted baths are designed to accommodate overhead showers and are generally installed against a wall.

If you have a large bathroom, you may still prefer a Hob Mounted bath in a island style setting to create a feature of the bath.  For an elegant look, you may prefer to finish the Hob in the same tiles as the walls.  For a more adventurous and modern look, you may choose a contrasting finish or tiles.

Most baths are made from acrylic.   It is important to make sure that they are made from a sanitary grade acrylic. Our Arc series baths are made from the best available sanitary grade acrylic “Lucite” and we import our acrylic from the USA.

Lucite® acrylic is used by the world’s major sanitary ware manufacturers of acrylic baths.  Lucite has a superior gloss finish which is extremely hard wearing and is resistant to chemicals, UV and abrasion.

Our Arc baths come complete with adjustable frame/legs to allow easy installation to save you time and money.  Traditional installation requires a mortar base to be created to supports the base / floor of the bath on the bathroom floor.  Our baths have an extremely strong and stable base / floor that provide superior support from 2 set of adjustable legs.  The overall strength and quality of our baths makes our bath products industry leading.