Shower Heads and Shower Rails

Shower Heads and Shower Rails

Shower Heads

An essential item in any bathroom. Shower heads are usually on a fixed shower arm or a swivel shower arm. At First Choice Warehouse we have many different styles of shower roses to chose from to match your style and tapware selection.All our shower roses are WELS rated which means they are water efficient.

Apart from the style or look of your shower head, it is important to measure the height of the outlet in the wall. If you are installing new plumbing or re-configuring your existing plumbing then it's a good idea to know which shower rose you are are installing and it's accompanying arm in order for the plumber to work out the correct height of the shower outlet point that the shower arm will attach to. If you are keeping your existing plumbing as it is, then you need to ensure your new shower head and shower arm combination will suit the height of the outlet point.Many older bathrooms had shower heads with swivel shower arms installed and the outlet height was set up to 1800mm from the floor. This height however is usually too low for the more modern shower arms which come out perpendicular to the wall and do not swivel, couple this with the drop of the shower head and you end up with a height of under 1800mm which is not adequate for most people, in this situation a swivel arm could give you the adjustment required or installing a shower rail is also a good option.

Shower Rails

As the name implies, a shower rail is simply a shower handset attached to a rail and is adjustable in height. These are a practical option as they allow each individual user to set the height of the shower handset to their requirements. Another handy reason to have a shower rail is the ability to remove the handset and wash your shower when needed. Most shower handsets are made of plastic, this makes them lighter and also doesn't tranfer the heat through the handset as easily making them more comfortable to hold when running very hot water through them. Most shower rails come with brass (chrome plated) wound hoses, but new PVC style hoses are now becoming popular as they are broving to be more durable and easier to clean and their smooth and silver colored finish offers better and more modern aesthetics.

The size of the shower hand-piece is important. If the shower rail will be your only shower outlet in your bathroom, then a larger hand-piece would be recommended. If the shower rail is installed in addition to a shower head, then a smaller head could be a better option as they offer a neater look and reduce clutter in your shower. As per the shower roses, shower rails also come with the water efficiency WELS rating.