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Turning a small space into a comfortable and functional bathroom requires both talent and vision. That’s why we have compiled this quick list of useful ideas to help get you inspired!

Find Creative Storage Solutions. The Axiom Storage Cabinet is one of our favourite examples of how seamless and efficient storage can work, even in a small space. Of course, full-sized solutions are not the only way of achieving this. Using accessories such as corner shower shelves and mirror cabinets can make a surprisingly significant difference, as well.

Create a Balanced Lighting Setup. Well-lit spaces tend to look larger, so installing multiple light fixtures can help eliminate dark corners and create a more comfortable feeling. Moreover, using this strategy will allow you to achieve various lighting levels, which can help make even small rooms feel enormously versatile.

Choose a Light, Monochromatic Colour Scheme. Stark contrasts foster sharper depth perception — and, in a small room, this is the opposite of what you want. Keeping your walls relatively uniform in colour, on the other hand, limits depth-perception and makes the space appear more expansive. If you would like to create accents or spruce things up with a bit of variation, just opt for different shades and tones of the same hue.

Opt for Space-Saving Fixtures. Choosing a vanity that is slightly smaller is clearly smart — but don’t overlook the fact that selecting a wall mounted vanity is a much more effective way of saving space but also it gives you the illusion of being bigger than what it is. At any rate, if you are short on space, then you should be sure to choose a vanity that offers drawers or other internal storage space.

Use Mirrors and Windows Strategically. First of all, mirrors and windows lead to better lighting. (Which, as we discussed above, makes for a more spacious feel.) Moreover, they can also create an optical illusion of sorts by adding more visual depth — which also helps a room feel larger. Last but not least, many mirrors also offer cabinet storage, which can be quite pragmatic.

Consider a Glass Shower Enclosure. A sense of separation and privacy are crucial to a comfortable shower. But solid enclosures and shower curtains can limit light and create a smaller, more claustrophobic feel. A glass enclosure is a good way of solving both of these problems at the same time.

Get The Floors and Ceilings Right. Large floor tiles and a high, vaulted ceiling make the best combination for optimizing a small space. Unfortunately, one of these details is easier to achieve than the other. Even if your ceiling is low, however, choosing a light color and small light fixtures can still help.

Select Furniture Wisely. Bulky bathroom furniture and accessories can occupy a great deal of space while also blemishing the style you are striving to create. Consider beautiful and space-efficient furniture models from brands such as Polilife to achieve ideal design, comfort, and functionality.


Make it Luxurious. Be it size or design, every bathroom is bound to have an architectural challenge or two to overcome — but ensuring that it is a comfortable place to be will compensate for a lot! Visit First Choice Warehouse online today to browse our full selection of bathroom fixtures and accessories, and find the ideas that will work for your space!

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Bathroom Renovation Check List


For many, renovating their bathroom can be an overwhelming process fraught with decisions. Decision on how much to spend, choosing the right products or do I need to change the layout?

This happens before you have even chosen the right trades person to carry out the renovation. My best piece of advice for a seamless and trouble free bathroom renovation, it’s all about timing!

If you give yourself 6 months to plan for your bathroom renovation you can avoid a lot of last minute hurdles and headaches.

With this in mind you should consider the following:

Look for inspiration in advance

Start flicking through those magazines,search online or use Pinterest. Importantly though is to take notes of what you like from each bathroom. You will then start to see a trend, making your decision process a whole lot easier.

Start playing with the layout of the bathroom

This is the perfect time to think about how you would like your bathroom configured. Do you need to hide the toilet behind the door, would you like your vanity or bathtub to be the first thing you see, how about a walk-in-shower with a tiled floor or do you need more storage space? With the measurements of you bathroom on hand you can now start playing with ideas of where your fixtures will work best.


Choose a trades person

Ask for recommendations from friends/family/suppliers. Word of mouth has always been a great way to establish a list of trades people you can start calling a few months out from your renovation. Be clear with your intentions with the trades person and show them your drawings to ensure what you want is feasible. You should walk away with a couple of comprehensive quotes, start date, a timeline of when he will need all materials and lastly a completion date. Don’t forget to discuss payment options.

Buy fittings, tiles, accessories, lighting and choose paint colours

Do not leave this process to the last minute as some items may need to be ordered and can take up to a couple of weeks if not longer. Once you have bought your fitting make sure you ask for specification sheets, as this will help your trades person with the set up and later on with the installation of the products. When buying from First Choice Warehouse we are happy to store your goods on site for a period of time saving you on storage and clutter.

Communicate clearly with your builder

You should get into the habit of talking to your trades person each morning about what tasks they will be expecting to complete that day. It is also a good time to express any concerns you may have about the project.

When all is done and dusted  bring out your new towels, unpack your toiletries and enjoy your new sanctuary with a glass of bubbles.


Happy renovating. x


Elegant Harmony

Defining Elegant Harmony is not as hard as you might think.
Elements that can establish this luxurious feeling in a bathroom require shapes that are not only familiar in structure but also sooth our fatigued senses.
Horizontal straight lines do this well as they give us a bold and clean look while giving you the flexibility to incorporate round or oval shapes.
With this in mind there is no room for clutter and you should always consider storage as part of your bathroom design.

Design Tips: Choose bathroom tapware and vanity basins that compliment your choice of bathroom vanity. By doing this it creates a sense of harmony in the bathroom as your eye is not distracted by the varying shapes.
Complete this look by incorporating a mirror or bath with soft organic lines to set off a truly classic feel.


Freestanding everything

If you have a reasonable amount of space in your bathroom then freestanding solutions are a luxurious alternative to the more traditional products.

Freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and add an layer of elegance and sophistcation to the room that you would usual expect from a high end day spa or hotel.

Including a pedestal vanity can also help to give your bathroom a less bulky look and gives you more flexibility should you decide to refresh the look after 12 months or so.

Design Tip: To get the most from your freestanding bath, it should be placed close to the centre of the room. It should not be placed in a corner or else it will be very difficult to clean around the bath adequately.

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From bathroom to wet room

Wet rooms continue to grow in popularity as people continue to look for less hassle solutions for their bathrooms.

Although wet rooms are generally a more costly option than a traditional shower, you can end up saving both time and money in the long term by choosing products and construction materials that are easy to use and provide greater reliability, especially if professionally installed.

A wet room is also a great solution or smaller spaces and can help you element clutter in your bathroom and help to boost the value of a property. It’s often a good idea to have a wet room in addition to a standard bathroom with a bath and shower, as this provides potential buyers with a choice of different styles.

Design Tip: If you have a larger bathroom, you can also incorporate a freestanding a bathtub into your wet room design, which is just one of the many flexible features of building a wet room.

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Go natural for eco-friendly living

Embrace the current eco-friendly trend by choosing more natural, organic products for your bathroom. Whether you go for a more urban design including exposed brickwork and concrete through to natural woods and rescued timber, the market will only continue to get greener as the years go by.

The other obvious benefit is that natural has a beige, white colour palette that is easy to accessorise with other natural colours.

Design Tip: You can have a positive impact of on the environment by selecting more sustainable products to design your bathroom. Visit recycling or industrial design stores to source products that are reclaimed or repurposed for bathrooms their standard showerhead counterparts.”


Show your personality through feature patterns

You might think that decorating a small bathroom with patterned wallpaper or stencil would be a bad idea, but both are back in trend for 2015.

Embellishing your walls with a strip of pattern or more recently stencils is a great way to demonstrate your personality whilst creating a dramatic style statement!

Create extra space in a small bathroom by using using a digitally printed scenic wall mural to give the illusion of space.

Design Tip: If your bathroom is cramped for space why not create a strip of pattern on a single wall to give the room texture and depth.


 Invest in long-lasting products

Although stone is still a common choice for bathroom counters, low maintenance solid surface products are fast gaining popularity with home buyers and commercial contractors.

The best thing about using stone/solid surface products over ceramic is that they are built to last and retain their lustre for years after purchasing, not to mention they are far more durable, easy to clean, and scratch and stain resistance.

If you are building your bathroom to last and then they are wont investing the money upfront to have a longer lasting product.

Design Tip: The other benefit to solid surface products is the amazing designs and shapes the products come in. As they are more structurally solid than ceramic, you find a wider range on unique, thin walled designs that can complement any bathroom interior.


Hios 1200

Standing room only for small bathrooms

If your are working with a smaller bathroom space, think seriously about whether you need to have a bath tub at all in your main bathroom.

For most of us, the luxury of a long soak is a once in a blue moon affair, so why not ditch the bathtub and replace it with a more luxurious shower. Not only are the practical for every day use but showers make much better use of the space. Why not chose a frameless shower range and increase the footprint of the shower to include a fully tiled bench seat for those lazy shower days.

Design Tip: When designing your shower be sure to carefully consider the products you use. Differentiating the tiles from the rest of your bathroom can help add depth and texture to the space. Select a shower system that is a combination of a large shower head and a hand held rose to cater for every use.


Inject fun with colours

One of this seasons biggest design trends is the use of colours to make a big statement. Every interiors magazine has a different opinion on what constitutes this seasons colours, but we think as long at the your colour choice is bright, fresh and complements your bathroom décor then you cant really go wrong.

Pantone named Marsala the Colour of the Year 2015, which you can incorporate into a more modern bathroom.

Other colours that are hot this season are soft cool hues, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals.

Design Tip: Changing the overall colour of your bathroom can be a scary proposition so before you paint, why not experiment with new colours by updating your bathroom accessories and maybe add some stenciled wall art to get a better feel for the colour scheme.