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How to get the Hampton’s look!

Bright and elegant, classic and casual, the Hampton’s style is the smart-casual of interior design. The longevity of this highly popular style can be attributed in part to its ability to make you feel comfortable, and showcases flexibility of design, with many variations allowing for a high level of personalisation to suit many tastes.

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6 Secrets to Creating a Low Maintenance Bathroom


Let’s face it cleaning the bathroom is at the bottom of everyone’s list of “favourite activities”, so when planning a new bathroom, why not use the opportunity to make it as low maintenance as possible? Many products require far less attention than others in their category, so choosing wisely will save you hours of elbow grease.

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5 Reasons you need a Backlit LED Mirror right now!

Backlit LED mirrors are fast becoming a must-have item in bathroom design, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they provide mood lighting for your space but can add a beautiful design aesthetic to your bathroom.
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Backlit LED Mirror.

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How to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

When it’s time to give your bathroom a facelift, keeping it cost effective and on schedule is often of utmost importance.

One of the biggest costs in bathroom renovations is the labour costs. Where possible, by working with existing plumbing points and simply updating your fixtures and fittings, you will successfully update the space and functional outcome of the area.
It is important to note, that if the current layout is not efficient, then moving plumbing for a better outcome makes sense.
Remember the bathroom is used several times a day, and it is important that the space meets your needs and a renovation is the perfect time to do this.

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How to choose the right tiles for your bathroom?

Your fixtures may be the statement pieces of your bathroom, but just as important when setting the tone and feel of your space, is your tile choice. Tiles create a colour palette and sensory effect within your bathroom space. Tiles come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures.
So how to decide what is best in your space?

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Getting the most out of your laundry storage

When it comes to planning your laundry, your goal should be to make it well designed, well-equipped and well organised. Functionality is the key, and the right storage can make all the difference, but, in what is often a narrow and awkward space, it’s not always obvious how this can be achieved.

Modern laundries are often designated to small, narrow areas of the house, yet are tasked with accommodating a broad array of items, including hard working white goods, a hardy sink or trough, cleaning chemicals, an ironing board, clothes in the process of being laundered, and often an assortment of objects that don’t really belong anywhere else in the house – pet supplies, gardening products, brooms – not to mention an outdoor access point. With so many things vying for a position in one small space, good design becomes essential, and well-designed storage becomes highly desirable.

The laundry often plays second fiddle to the kitchen when it comes to budgeting, however, it’s vital to find cost effective products that allow you to achieve  a functional  space, without sacrificing the limited room available.

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8 Tips for Creating a Quick Update for your Bathroom

8 Tips for a quick update in your bathroom

Is your bathroom feeling tired and dated, but the idea of a complete reno is too daunting or too expensive? Rest assured, it is possible to revive your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century without breaking the bank or spending weeks washing at the neighbours.

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Heated Towel Rails – The Ultimate Luxury?

Headed Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are clever and stylish devices that also solve a number of other issues in the bathroom.

Here are the reasons why heated towel rails are the ultimate bathroom luxury, and will turn your bathroom time into a lavish, relaxing experience.

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Wall-Hung vs Floor-Mounted Toilet

Wall Hung Toilet vs Floor Mounted Toilet

Deciding what you want out of your toilet is an important decision, and is one that has a significant impact on your home. Over the last few years, that decision has boiled down to one fundamental question – wall hung or floor mounted?

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The Pros And Cons Of Having A Toilet In Your Bathroom

Toilet in Bathroom - Pros and Cons

It goes without saying that every home needs to have at least one toilet. However, the specific location of that toilet within the bathroom can be topic of debate for homeowners, designers and builders.

Some say that the toilet should be in the bathroom itself, while others believe that it should be in a separate room. Many factors come into play when making this decision, but for most people, the primary considerations are hygiene, privacy and space.

Here’s what to consider when deciding which option is best for your needs and preferences.

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8 Kinds of Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

8 Types of Shower Heads for Your bathroom

When it comes to designing your ideal bathroom, you have a lots of important decisions to make.

One of the most important decisions is choosing a shower head, because it will colour the way you experience your bathroom every single day.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular shower head options available today.

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The Importance Of Wet And Dry Zones In Your Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design - Wet and Dry Zones

One of the most important current trends in bathroom design is finding stylish ways to separate the wet and dry zones of your bathroom.

Successfully dividing the space will vastly improve the layout of your bathroom, make your fittings stand out as design features, and allow your lighting to highlight the room to best effect.

Here are some essential tips for creating harmonious wet and dry zones in your bathroom.

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The Double Shower – The Ultimate Addition To Your Bathroom

Double Shower - The Ultimate Addition To Your Bathroom

Looking to incorporate hotel luxury at home? Double showers are the ultimate addition to your bathroom.

A double shower adds value to your bathroom and creates a five-star exclusive feel, while giving couples the perfect opportunity for a romantic interlude each day.

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Freestanding Bath vs Inset Bath: Which Should You Choose?

Freestanding Bath vs Inset Bath

There is nothing more luxurious than soaking in a stylish, comfortable bath to melt away the stress of the day. But when you are designing or renovating your bathroom, the choice of baths available can be overwhelming.

Should you choose a freestanding bath or an inset bath? This will depend on your tastes and the amount of space in your bathroom. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, as your chosen bath will have a huge impact on your bathroom design.

We’ve put together this handy guide to inset and freestanding bathtubs, to help you make the perfect decision for your bathroom.

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How To Choose The Right Bath

Choose The Right Bath

Including a bath in your bathroom gives the space an extra touch of luxury, and it’s perfect for those days when you just need a long soak to relax.

But which bath is right for you?

Here are all the things you’ll need to consider when choosing the right bath for your bathroom.

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9 Fun Tech Upgrades For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Tech Upgrades

As the rest of our homes become smarter so should our bathrooms. We spend so much time in the bathroom that it makes sense to fit it out with the latest gadgets.

Here are nine of our favourite tech upgrades for your bathroom to turn it into a truly luxurious space.

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What’s The Most Important Thing To Have In Your Bathroom?

Most Important Thing

A well-designed bathroom needs to function seamlessly while also looking attractive. This ensures that your day starts on the right foot, and ends with relaxation and calm.
So what are the most important things to have in your bathroom?

Here are the essential elements to include for a bathroom that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Accessible For All Ages

Bathroom All Ages

Creating a bathroom that’s easy to use for family members of all ages has several important advantages. It improves life for your loved ones, adds value to your property, and may
mean that you can stay in your home for longer, looking to the future.

Here are ten tips for creating a bathroom that’s accessible for all ages.

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Power Points – The Unsung Hero Of A Pleasurable Bathroom Experience

Pleasurable Bathroom Experience

When it comes to installing power points, many people forget the bathroom. However, as long as it’s done safely, having power points in your bathroom can transform a frustrating experience into a complete delight.

Here are a few reasons why power points are the unsung heroes of a pleasurable bathroom experience.

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Underfloor Heating – Keep Your Toes Warm this Winter!

Underfloor Heating In Your Bathroom

Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom can be the perfect way to keep your toes warm and cosy for the colder months. But some people are daunted at the thought of installing it – they think it’s difficult to use and expensive to run, or don’t realise all the benefits it offers.

Here’s what you need to know about the ultimate in luxury bathroom ideas.

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Why You Should Choose a Vanity That’s All Drawers

Why Choose A Vanity That's All Drawers?

Your vanity is one of the most important features of your bathroom. The ideal bathroom vanity needs to be both practical and stylish.

However, with so many different design options available, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Would a vanity with doors or drawers be the better option?

Choosing a vanity that’s all drawers can be a great solution for a new or refurbished bathroom design. Here’s why.

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7 Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Ensuite

Secrets to the Ultimate Ensuite

An ensuite bathroom is now considered to be an essential feature of a modern home. But how do you create an ensuite that’s the ultimate in design and luxury? How can you make your ensuite a space you’re sure to love for many years to come?

Here are seven secrets to help you design the perfect ensuite bathroom.

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The Many Benefits of a Wall Hung Basin for Your Bathroom

Benefits of a Wall-Hung Basin

A wall hung basin can be a great addition to any bathroom. It’s sleek and modern, as well as being practical because it is so effective at saving space.

Discover the many advantages of a wall mounted basin and why it might be the perfect finishing touch for your new bathroom.

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Wall-Hung Vanities vs Freestanding Vanities – What’s Right for You?

Wall-Hung Vanities vs Freestanding Vanities – Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity

Choosing between a wall-mounted vanity and a freestanding vanity is one of the key decisions you’ll make when planning the design of your bathroom. But which style is right for you?

Here we explain some of the differences between both types of bathroom vanities and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide.

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Which Freestanding Bath is Right For You?

Choosing A Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath adds an incredible touch of luxury to any bathroom. But with so many styles and designs available, how do you choose the right model for you?

Here are the factors you should take into account to make sure you’re choosing the perfect freestanding bath for your bathroom.

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The 10 Most Popular Types of Bathroom Tiles

Most Popular Bathroom Tiles Explained

The right bathroom tiles make all the difference to the look of your room, enabling you to create a relaxing and beautiful space that truly reflects your personal style.

But which tiles are right for you? To help you decide, here’s a guide to 10 of the most popular types of bathroom tiles.

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19 Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Tricks to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger

When you have a small bathroom, it can be a challenge to create a highly functional space that also looks great.

But, with a few clever design tricks, you can make your small bathroom look and feel more spacious, transforming it into the beautiful, practical and relaxing space you’ve always wanted.

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How to Pull off the Classic All-White Bathroom Design

All-White Bathroom Design Tips

An all-white theme is the most versatile of all bathroom designs. It’s timeless so it won’t go out of fashion. It’s light and bright, making your bathroom look bigger. It’s also cost-effective and easy to redecorate. But how easy is it to create this look successfully in your bathroom?

Follow our essential style tips for a dream all-white bathroom that truly reflects your personal style.

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12 Fabulously Clever Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas - Vanity With Drawers

The bathroom is the room in your home where you go to relax, de-stress and have some much-needed “me time”. But, this isn’t always easy with your favourite products covering every surface.

Now you can beat the clutter with our essential storage tips to bring the harmony back to your bathroom.

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Bathroom Renovation Check List


For many, renovating their bathroom can be an overwhelming process fraught with decisions. Decision on how much to spend, choosing the right products or do I need to change the layout?

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331 Victoria St, Brunswick

Enjoy the journey with us as you make your way to our newest retail concept showroom at 331 Victoria St, Brunswick. The store is 550 square meters of wall to wall inspiration, featuring 16 beautifully displayed bathroom bays. Our showroom has been  designed with you in mind taking the hard work out of the equation as we have everything you need displayed with ease. The bays are complimented by our knowledgeable staff that have the experience to guide and advise you on how to create your perfect bathroom.

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Elegant Harmony


Defining Elegant Harmony is not as hard as you might think.

Elements that can establish this luxurious feeling in a bathroom require shapes that are not only familiar in structure but also sooth our fatigued senses.

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Freestanding everything

iStock_000018414539_Small - Copy

If you have a reasonable amount of space in your bathroom then freestanding solutions are a luxurious alternative to the more traditional products.

Freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and add an layer of elegance and sophistcation to the room that you would usual expect from a high end day spa or hotel.

Including a pedestal vanity can also help to give your bathroom a less bulky look and gives you more flexibility should you decide to refresh the look after 12 months or so.

Design Tip: To get the most from your freestanding bath, it should be placed close to the centre of the room. It should not be placed in a corner or else it will be very difficult to clean around the bath adequately.


From bathroom to wet room

From Bathroom to Wet Room

Wet rooms continue to grow in popularity as people continue to look for less hassle solutions for their bathrooms.

Although wet rooms are generally a more costly option than a traditional shower, you can end up saving both time and money in the long term by choosing products and construction materials that are easy to use and provide greater reliability, especially if professionally installed.

A wet room is also a great solution or smaller spaces and can help you element clutter in your bathroom and help to boost the value of a property. It’s often a good idea to have a wet room in addition to a standard bathroom with a bath and shower, as this provides potential buyers with a choice of different styles.

Design Tip: If you have a larger bathroom, you can also incorporate a freestanding a bathtub into your wet room design, which is just one of the many flexible features of building a wet room.


Go natural for eco-friendly living


Embrace the current eco-friendly trend by choosing more natural, organic products for your bathroom. Whether you go for a more urban design including exposed brickwork and concrete through to natural woods and rescued timber, the market will only continue to get greener as the years go by.

The other obvious benefit is that natural has a beige, white colour palette that is easy to accessorise with other natural colours.

Design Tip: You can have a positive impact of on the environment by selecting more sustainable products to design your bathroom. Visit recycling or industrial design stores to source products that are reclaimed or repurposed for bathrooms their standard showerhead counterparts.”


Show your personality through feature patterns


You might think that decorating a small bathroom with patterned wallpaper or stencil would be a bad idea, but both are back in trend for 2015.

Embellishing your walls with a strip of pattern or more recently stencils is a great way to demonstrate your personality whilst creating a dramatic style statement!

Create extra space in a small bathroom by using using a digitally printed scenic wall mural to give the illusion of space.

Design Tip: If your bathroom is cramped for space why not create a strip of pattern on a single wall to give the room texture and depth.


 Invest in long-lasting products

Hios 1200

Although stone is still a common choice for bathroom counters, low maintenance solid surface products are fast gaining popularity with home buyers and commercial contractors.

The best thing about using stone/solid surface products over ceramic is that they are built to last and retain their lustre for years after purchasing, not to mention they are far more durable, easy to clean, and scratch and stain resistance.

If you are building your bathroom to last and then they are wont investing the money upfront to have a longer lasting product.

Design Tip: The other benefit to solid surface products is the amazing designs and shapes the products come in. As they are more structurally solid than ceramic, you find a wider range on unique, thin walled designs that can complement any bathroom interior.



Standing room only for small bathrooms


If your are working with a smaller bathroom space, think seriously about whether you need to have a bath tub at all in your main bathroom.

For most of us, the luxury of a long soak is a once in a blue moon affair, so why not ditch the bathtub and replace it with a more luxurious shower. Not only are the practical for every day use but showers make much better use of the space. Why not chose a frameless shower range and increase the footprint of the shower to include a fully tiled bench seat for those lazy shower days.

Design Tip: When designing your shower be sure to carefully consider the products you use. Differentiating the tiles from the rest of your bathroom can help add depth and texture to the space. Select a shower system that is a combination of a large shower head and a hand held rose to cater for every use.


Inject fun with colours


One of this seasons biggest design trends is the use of colours to make a big statement. Every interiors magazine has a different opinion on what constitutes this seasons colours, but we think as long at the your colour choice is bright, fresh and complements your bathroom décor then you cant really go wrong.

Pantone named Marsala the Colour of the Year 2015, which you can incorporate into a more modern bathroom.

Other colours that are hot this season are soft cool hues, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals.

Design Tip: Changing the overall colour of your bathroom can be a scary proposition so before you paint, why not experiment with new colours by updating your bathroom accessories and maybe add some stenciled wall art to get a better feel for the colour scheme.