5 Reasons you need a Backlit LED Mirror right now!

5 Reasons you need a Backlit LED Mirror right now!

Backlit LED mirrors are fast becoming a must-have item in bathroom design, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they provide mood lighting for your space but can add a beautiful design aesthetic to your bathroom.
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Backlit LED Mirror.


Clear Even Lighting
Traditional mirrors are a great way to lighten a room but often are not placed correctly in your bathroom layout to maximize on creating the right ambience for your bathroom.
Off-center lighting can play havoc with your reflection, throwing unflattering shadows and misrepresenting colors.
Backlit LED mirrors provide clear, balanced lighting across their mounted surface and indirectly light the subject standing in front of the mirror.

Goodbye unflattering shading on your reflection!                                                 

Warm white light
Traditional lighting can create either a yellow or blue appearance on the subjects they light. LED provides the next best thing to natural light, offering honest representation of color in a bright yet non overpowering way.


Energy efficiency
LED bulbs are renowned for being long lasting and cost effective to run. This will no doubt have a positive effect on our environment and our hip pocket, making this an excellent addition to your bathroom lighting.

Increase the sense of space
Backlit mirrors negate the need for side lighting, which allows for a bigger mirror to be installed on the wall space.
With a larger mirror you create an illusion of depth in your bathroom, making the room seem larger, more spacious and helps to increase the reflective effect of the natural light against the mirror during daylight. So by adding a Backlit LED mirror you make your room seem bigger and brighter – even when the lights are switched off!


Stylish good looks
Many Backlit LED mirrors have become a statement piece within the bathroom or powder room. With beautiful designs now available they enhance your room and complement your style. Why settle for a boring or non-descript mirror when you could choose one that makes your bathroom sing!

With all these advantages, it’s clear to see how a Backlit LED mirror is the way to go.
Check out the gorgeous Luxor LED mirror range by Polilife for some inspiration.