6 Secrets to Creating a Low Maintenance Bathroom

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Let’s face it cleaning the bathroom is at the bottom of everyone’s list of “favourite activities”, so when planning a new bathroom, why not use the opportunity to make it as low maintenance as possible. Many products require far less attention than others in their category, so choosing wisely will save you hours of elbow grease.


Tiling Mouldy, discoloured grout is the pet peeve of many, so why not minimise the opportunity for this to occur by minimising your grouted area? Opting for large-scale tiles reduces the amount of grout. Some people are even opting to do away with tiles altogether, instead using sealed rendered concrete or porcelain panels on the walls. If you love the look of smaller tiles or mosaics, choosing a dark-coloured grout will reduce the visibility of any discoloration.

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Toilet When selecting a toilet choosing a Wall-faced suite will remove the awkward, hard to get at curves and pipes that are commonly seen behind traditional toilet suites. The Back to wall suite conceals all the pipes and even the water inlet and hose on some models, making cleaning around the toilet easy.

Even the internal bowl clean is easier to keep clean with the newer style of box rim suite, where the flush is evenly distributed around the internal bowl area through small holes under the pan rim. Taking this one step further is the new Rimless pan technology. The pan has no rim, creating a new way of moving water into the bowl to provide superior cleaning performance while removing waste and toilet paper from the bowl and into the drainage system. The rimless pan also removes the hiding places for germs.


Shower Why have two or three panes of glass to clean when you can have only one? A Single pane of Australian Standards toughened glass makes an elegant walk in shower option – long enough to contain splashes, short enough to wipe down quickly. No hinges or handles means less opportunity for mould and scum to collect. If you do not have the room to accommodate a walk-in shower area, then a Frameless screen is your next best option. Minimal hardware with no chunky frame will minimise the areas that can collect mould. Using a non-soap product like a body wash, will greatly reduce the soap scum build up on your shower glass and tiled areas. Rinse off your shower area after showering and invest in a squeegee to dry off your surfaces.

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Bath If you have the space, a Freestanding bath as opposed to an Inset bath can provide the lowest amount of cleaning, as there is no hob area around the bath. Ideally setting the bath far enough from all walls to allow a mop easy access behind and around the bath, allowing you to clean easily is the best outcome. Opting for a Wall-faced Freestanding bath that sits flush against one wall, creating a sealed surface and removing the need to mop around the back is also a great option.

Tapware Positioning tapware off the counter keeps your bench top easy to clean – opt for wall mounted where possible. Use liquid hand wash with no soap will also minimise the soap scum build up on the tapware. Wiping down your tapware with a soft microfiber cloth in between cleaning days will help to keep it sparkling clean!

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Vanity One of the most time-consuming aspects of cleaning is the tidy-up before starting the clean so make it a habit to keep your vanity bench top surface as clear as possible means that you can clean quickly and efficiently. Installing a Mirror cabinet above the vanity provides invaluable and ergonomically superior storage for the small containers that seem to take over the vanity area. Choosing under-mount basins and wall mounted tapware leaves you an uninterrupted bench top – no crevices or hard to reach places. Choosing a vanity with drawers as opposed to door combinations will help give you easy access to your frequently used items in the bathroom. Many cabinets can be Wall-hung, hovering above the floor creating easy access for mopping, with no legs to manoeuvre around.

Maintaining a beautiful clean bathroom is achievable! Think about what you select as your products and surfaces, make a conscious decision to change old habits that contribute to the situation and remember regular maintenance of a new bathroom space is always easier than trying to pull back years of neglect.

Happy renovating!