8 Tips for Creating a Quick Update for your Bathroom


Is your bathroom feeling tired and dated, but the idea of a complete reno is too daunting or too expensive? Rest assured, it is possible to revive your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century without breaking the bank or spending weeks washing at the neighbours.

Starting with some quick fixes that anyone can handle, and moving toward some that definitely require a plumber, here are 8 ways to give your bathroom a lift.


Linen – Changing up your towels, bathmats and washers can breathe new life into your space with an injection of a new colour or texture. Add something bold and bright to work as its own accent at different points around the room, or pick a colour from your existing scheme to feature.

Plants – Adding a new pot and plant is a great way to brighten up your bathroom, bringing a new element with freshness and air purifying advantages to your space. Whether you want to just add a pop of green, or create your own rainforest oasis, bathroom plants are very on trend. Choosing a low maintenance variety that can handle humidity minimizes any extra effort required. Being in bathroom water is plentiful and within reach so the risk of letting your plant accidentally die is low! Succulents like Aloe Vera do well in these environments.

Accessories – Updating your accessories will change the entire feel of your bathroom. You’ll be amazed at how a simple towel rail, toilet roll holder, shelf or soap dispenser can change the statement of the space from ‘granny’ to ‘great’! Accessories now come in different finishes, shapes and colours, from smooth brushed nickels to cubic matt blacks, so visit a showroom and find a range you adore.  Coordinating your accessories will keep your room looking stylish and on trend.

Tapware – To really make an impact, match your new accessories with new tapware. This will have a huge effect on the space, making old look new again.  Tapware comes in an enormous variety of styles and colours, from elegant tall mixers, contemporary wall spouts to country-chic spindles. To keep cost to a minimal when choosing your tapware make sure to select a product that suits the existing plumbing. You can say so much about your style with your choice of these simple fixtures, and you’re sure to love the improvement in functionality and water-saving benefits as well.

Shower – If changing up the tapware isn’t going to cut it, take a look at the shower head too. So many shower heads from years gone by offer poor water saving credentials and lack-lustre performance, and definitely add nothing to the aesthetic of your bathroom. Maybe it’s time to give yourself the luxurious rain-head experience you’ve dreamed of? Or a rail shower with a versatile hand piece, or both with Exposure rail.  Go on, treat yourself to an upgrade.

Lighting – Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than seeing yourself in a mirror with bad lighting! No-one needs that in the morning, so invest in a lighting upgrade for your bathroom. Installing a cool pendant with a dimmer gives you the option of practical brightness or a more relaxing, spa-like setting. Another way to achieve functional or mood lighting is by using a LED forward lit or back lit mirror. Keep in mind any light upgrades in the bathroom require a licences electrician.

VanityChanging your vanity will make the most impact when creating a new bathroom look, and it’s not as huge a job as you might think. Give yourself the extra storage space you’ve been craving and update your bathroom with a stylish and well-designed vanity. With a range of vanity cabinets, top and basin to choose, the possibilities are endless. Opt for a classic Hamptons style in white with recessed panel details, a marble top and a beautiful basin, or choose a contemporary natural timber finish with cleverly designed hidden drawers. Your choice of vanity can reset the feel for your whole bathroom, whether your priorities are style, storage or both.

Toilet – Sometimes, there’s something in the bathroom that just brings down the whole room, and nothing will truly feel better until it’s gone. Yes, that’s the toilet! Contemporary toilet design has come a long way, and it’s now actually possibly to have a toilet that you love! In-wall cisterns can offer you back space you didn’t know you were missing. Sleek shapes make cleaning a breeze. Water saving technologies, flush options and soft closing seats has improved functionality.  Changing your toilet requires a plumber, but the change could be well worth your while.Wall Hung Toilet vs Floor Mounted Toilet

Whether you opt for some small changes or more major ones, you’ll love the difference introducing some quality contemporary products can make to your bathroom.