Bathroom renovation check list

Bathroom Renovation Check List


For many, renovating their bathroom can be an overwhelming process fraught with decisions. Decision on how much to spend, choosing the right products or do I need to change the layout?

This happens before you have even chosen the right trades person to carry out the renovation. My best piece of advice for a seamless and trouble free bathroom renovation, it’s all about timing!

If you give yourself 6 months to plan for your bathroom renovation you can avoid a lot of last minute hurdles and headaches.

With this in mind you should consider the following:

Look for inspiration in advance

Start flicking through those magazines,search online or use Pinterest. Importantly though is to take notes of what you like from each bathroom. You will then start to see a trend, making your decision process a whole lot easier.

Start playing with the layout of the bathroom

This is the perfect time to think about how you would like your bathroom configured. Do you need to hide the toilet behind the door, would you like your vanity or bathtub to be the first thing you see, how about a walk-in-shower with a tiled floor or do you need more storage space? With the measurements of you bathroom on hand you can now start playing with ideas of where your fixtures will work best.


Choose a trades person

Ask for recommendations from friends/family/suppliers. Word of mouth has always been a great way to establish a list of trades people you can start calling a few months out from your renovation. Be clear with your intentions with the trades person and show them your drawings to ensure what you want is feasible. You should walk away with a couple of comprehensive quotes, start date, a timeline of when he will need all materials and lastly a completion date. Don’t forget to discuss payment options.

Buy fittings, tiles, accessories, lighting and choose paint colours

Do not leave this process to the last minute as some items may need to be ordered and can take up to a couple of weeks if not longer. Once you have bought your fitting make sure you ask for specification sheets, as this will help your trades person with the set up and later on with the installation of the products. When buying from First Choice Warehouse we are happy to store your goods on site for a period of time saving you on storage and clutter.

Communicate clearly with your builder

You should get into the habit of talking to your trades person each morning about what tasks they will be expecting to complete that day. It is also a good time to express any concerns you may have about the project.

When all is done and dusted  bring out your new towels, unpack your toiletries and enjoy your new sanctuary with a glass of bubbles.


Happy renovating. x