The Double Shower – The Ultimate Addition To Your Bathroom


Looking to incorporate hotel luxury at home? Double showers are the ultimate addition to your bathroom.

A double shower adds value to your bathroom and creates a five-star exclusive feel, while giving couples the perfect opportunity for a romantic interlude each day.

Different ways to use a double shower in your bathroom

1. The walk-in double shower

A walk in shower gives your bathroom a sense of openness and space. Add twin shower heads and you can create a perfect haven of calm, even when two of you need to get ready in a hurry.

2. The double shower with a recessed bench

Including seating in your shower is always practical, and it opens up a world of extra possibilities when your shower is built for two! To maximise the space in your double shower, opt for a recessed section with a bench installed, creating a cozy, intimate nook.

3. Marble double shower

Marble creates the ultimate feeling of luxury in any bathroom, and it can be used to great effect in a twin shower. Light in colour and subtly patterned, it is the ideal backdrop for giving the impression of space, especially when used on the floor as well as the walls. Complete the look with a frameless glass shower screen for a sophisticated and spacious bathroom design.

4. Double capsule shower

If you want to create a truly futuristic design feature in your bathroom, a double capsule shower is the answer. Twin shower heads are contained within a round capsule with sliding glass doors, giving an edgy, sci-fi effect. To make the capsule appear harmonious with the rest of the bathroom, use the same flooring throughout.

5. Traditional master bathroom with twin shower

A double shower does not have to look modern and streamlined. It can be integrated seamlessly into a traditional bathroom design. Use the same tiling throughout the entire room, including in the shower – marble or other patterned stone varieties work well to add texture. Complete the look with traditional shower heads and tapware in gold or brass.

6. Wet-room style double shower and bathtub

For the ultimate flexibility, create a wet-room section in your bathroom, containing twin showers and a bathtub. This gives you all the options you need without having to worry about the floor getting wet. Use glass shower screens to create a partition between your wet-room section and the rest of your bathroom.

7. Stone double shower with large rainfall shower head

When you want to feel as if you are at one with nature, nothing is as effective as a large rainfall shower head. This can be attached to the ceiling in the centre of your shower space, so you and your partner can experience the sensation of being caught in tropical rain. Natural stone features will add authenticity to the atmosphere.

If you still want the option of showering separately, you can also mount twin showers on the wall, for those days when time is pressing.

8. Minimalist double shower

If you want to create a truly private space, a minimalist double shower is an ideal design. Hidden away behind frosted glass doors, twin chrome shower heads are attached to the wall, creating an intimate showering experience for two. To make the space look bigger, use large white tiles throughout, and include bench seating and shelving at the far end for increased practicality.

How much space do double showers really need?

Creating a double shower is easier in a larger bathroom, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of space. With clever design techniques, it is possible to include a double shower in a relatively small bathroom.

Width is more important than length here, as the shower area needs to be wide enough to accommodate two people showering. There also needs to be room for shelving, and access to the double shower via a central entrance.

When planning your design, you also need to think about the shape of your shower area and how best to incorporate all the elements you need. Many double showers have doors, but if you are creating a walk in shower or wet-room, these won’t be necessary.

Designing your double shower

A double shower is a luxurious feature which is not included in most bathrooms, so you need to showcase it. Make your shower the central focus of your bathroom design, and plan everything else around it.

Styling and colour are also important. Your double shower should reflect your personal tastes, and coordinate well with the rest of your bathroom. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, natural or futuristic, there are a whole range of beautiful bathroom ideas to explore.

How to choose the right double shower head

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to double shower heads. Consider options that allow you to switch the strength, pattern or temperature of the water, as well as switching off one head entirely if it’s not required.  

Double shower heads also come in a wide range of shapes and styles, including classic or modern, big or small, wide or narrow, and in a variety of colours and finishes as well.

Shower head technology is now super advanced, so make sure to fully explore all of the options available to you.

And whatever your preference, there’s sure to be the perfect double shower head for you. Now all you need is the right person to share your shower with!

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Image via DesignMilk