9 Fun Tech Upgrades For Your Bathroom


As the rest of our homes become smarter so should our bathrooms. We spend so much time in the bathroom that it makes sense to fit it out with the latest gadgets.

Here are nine of our favourite tech upgrades for your bathroom to turn it into a truly luxurious space.


1. Digital shower

A digital shower is much easier to operate than a standard shower as you can set your preferred settings with the touch of a button. It enables you to choose your perfect temperature and spray pattern – for example, if you feel like a gentler experience you can choose a rain shower option or a hand-held function.

Digital showers also have a lot of other features that add extra luxury to your bathroom routine. You can add more steam or even coloured LED lighting for a truly relaxing chromatherapy experience.


2. Smart toilet

Toilets have come a long way, thanks to the latest technology. A smart toilet makes your bathroom more hygienic and more comfortable.

You can cut down on the risk of spreading germs as smart toilets come with touchless flushing and self-closing lids. You can also experience the ultimate clean feeling with the bidet option. And what could be more luxurious and welcoming on a cold day than a heated toilet seat?

With remote control and a stylish, contemporary bathroom design, smart toilets are set to become a must-have feature for every modern bathroom.


3. Sound system

To get yourself in the right mood for an energetic day ahead or to create the ultimate relaxing ambience for an evening soak in the bath, you need to add music to your bathroom. Now you can do this easily and safely with a smart waterproof speaker.

The speaker is simple to attach to the top of your shower screen or shower curtain rail. It’s Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream your favourite music playlists direct from your smartphone or tablet. A great way to set your mood for unwinding in the bathtub or singing along in the shower!


4. Waterproof TV

You shouldn’t have to choose between enjoying a long soak in the bath and catching up on your favourite television shows. A waterproof TV lets you do both at the same time.

Waterproof TVs are designed specifically for bathrooms so they’re safe to install. They feature LED screens in a variety of sizes. Or for the ultimate in cutting-edge tech, why not invest in a TV mirror cabinet? This dual-function gadget acts as a normal mirror when the TV is turned off, making it ideal for saving space and creating a beautiful bathroom design.


5. Digital taps

Digital bathroom tapware makes life in the bathroom easier and safer, especially for families with kids. They feature touchless operation, so there’s no need to turn them on and off – they operate automatically when the sensors detect hands underneath them. This means there’s no wastage of water.

Additionally, they make your bathroom safer, thanks to their temperature warnings. Coloured lights indicate whether the water is cool, warm or hot, so the kids won’t burn themselves. Digital taps are also fully programmable, giving you ultimate control.


6. Smart lights

If you want to improve the functionality and energy efficiency of your bathroom, smart lighting is the way to go. The sensor detects whenever anyone enters the room and turns the lights on, automatically turning them off again when you leave. This avoids energy wastage and can save you a lot of money on your household bills.

You can also install a sensor night-light to make those night-time trips to the bathroom easier – no more stumbling around in the dark!


7. Switchable privacy glass

Bathroom Switchable Privacy Glass

Natural light lends a brighter ambiance to your bathroom and makes it appear larger. But it can be difficult to take advantage of this as you need to protect your privacy.

If you’re tired of pulling down the blinds, switchable privacy glass is the answer. It operates electrically, so you simply flick a switch and your glass window or door frosts over, keeping your bathroom completely private from people outside. When you’re done, just turn it off and enjoy the view once more!


8. Heated towel rail

There’s nothing more luxurious than hopping out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a gloriously pre-warmed bath towel. Heating your towels can also keep your towels dry and free from germs and mould.

There’s a wide selection of heated towel rails available to choose from, including ladder-style and individual rails, along with the option to mount them on the walls or ceiling, or stand them on the floor.

Heated towel rails also come in a range of finishes and designs, ensuring that your heated towel rails complement your bathroom design, adding both luxury and style.


9. Bathroom mirror defogger

A bathroom mirror defogger is ideal for anyone who needs to get ready quickly. This electric gadget clears your mirror of steam so you can do your hair or makeup straight away when you get out of the shower, instead of having to wait for the mist to clear.

These essential time-saving devices are available built into both wall mirrors and mirrored bathroom cabinets.


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