Getting the most out of your storage

Getting the most out of your laundry storage

When it comes to planning your laundry, your goal should be to make it well designed, well-equipped and well organised. Functionality is the key, and the right storage can make all the difference, but, in what is often a narrow and awkward space, it’s not always obvious how this can be achieved.

Modern laundries are often designated to small, narrow areas of the house, yet are tasked with accommodating a broad array of items, including hard working white goods, a hardy sink or trough, cleaning chemicals, an ironing board, clothes in the process of being laundered, and often an assortment of objects that don’t really belong anywhere else in the house – pet supplies, gardening products, brooms – not to mention an outdoor access point. With so many things vying for a position in one small space, good design becomes essential, and well-designed storage becomes highly desirable.

The laundry often plays second fiddle to the kitchen when it comes to budgeting, however, it’s vital to find cost effective products that allow you to achieve  a functional  space, without sacrificing the limited room available.

Here are four tips on how to maximise your laundry storage and create a laundry you love.

1) Wall to wall storage is perfect in the laundry, and a modular system is a fantastic way to achieve this without busting the budget. A system that incorporates flexible door sizes and insert options, such as Polilife Modular system, allows you to perfectly fit your cabinetry to your room size as though it had been done by a cabinet maker. This way every millimeter can be incorporated into your storage without any unnecessary gaps. Narrow areas can be utilized for skinny broom cupboards or open shelving.

2) Adding overhead cupboards above your sink and bench area is a great way to increase your storage capacity without taking up any additional depth. Available in a wide variety of heights, widths and depths, these cabinets are ideal for storing chemicals and other items that need to be kept out of the reach of small, curious hands.

3) Opting for adjustable shelves rather than fixed means you can alter the internal spaces of your cupboards depending on what you need to accommodate, so you won’t be stuck with a collection of bottles that don’t fit anywhere while shoe polish languishes in a giant cavity. If you’re not sure whether the tall cupboard will be used for linen or brooms the adjustable shelves will give you that flexibility you need.

4) Maximising your benchtop space is another important factor for good laundry design. Top mount sink inset into a benchtop can leave you with more valuable working space than a free-standing trough & cabinet. This will also minimize annoying gaps that can attract dampness, dust and stray socks. While you may have splurged on the kitchen counter top, you can save in the laundry by using a less expensive engineered quartz composite stone. It’ll get half the attention that your kitchen will, and is more likely to experience some rough treatment. Maximise your space even more by selecting a all in one dryer/ front load washing machine that can be housed beneath a useful benchtop, whereas their top loading friends cannot.

The laundry is one room of the house where good design can truly make all the difference. Be smart in your design, and reap the rewards for years to come.