Heated Towel Rails – The Ultimate Luxury?


Picture this… it’s 7 am and freezing outside. You get up and step into a warm shower. You feel your bones thaw out as the warm water hits your body. Then, once you’re done, you jump out and pick up a cold, moist, damp towel.

Imagine how much more pleasant the scenario would be if, after your shower, you could wrap yourself in a warm, fluffy towel, giving you the perfect start to the day.

This dream can be a reality with the help of a heated towel rail. These clever and stylish devices also solve a number of other issues in the bathroom.

Here are the reasons why heated towel rails are the ultimate bathroom luxury and will turn your bathroom time into a lavish, relaxing experience.

They keep your towels warm and dry

Few things feel as good as wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel after a bath or shower, especially when the weather is cold and you want to dry off as quickly as possible. There’s nothing like the comfort of warm fabric against your skin after getting wet.

But heated towel rails are also useful in the summer when damp towels can also be a problem, particularly on humid days when there is a lot of moisture in the air. You need a fresh, dry towel to keep you comfortable as soon as you step out of the shower.

A heated towel rail is the answer to both winter and summer issues. It dries your towels thoroughly after each use, keeping you warm and cosy in the winter and helping you to feel fresh and dry on hot, sticky days.

Your towels will be free from odour and bacteria

Let’s face it, damp towels don’t smell very nice. This unpleasant odour isn’t what you want during a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

A damp towel can also be an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, so for a clean and healthy bathroom, you need to make sure your towels can stay dry.

Installing a heated towel rail brings the enjoyment back to your bath times. You can relax in the tub without encountering any unpleasant odours.

It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family can enjoy a safe, healthy bathroom with less exposure to bacteria.

They make your bathroom more energy-efficient

We all want to do more for the planet, and reducing the amount of energy you use in your home is a great place to start.

Having a heated towel rail means you won’t have to use your dryer to keep your towels dry.

It also means you’re less likely to switch on the main bathroom heater, because your towel is already luxuriously warm, and might just be cosy enough to keep you toasty warm as you dry yourself and slip into your clothes.

This is a win-win as it reduces your carbon footprint and can also reduce your energy bills. Happy planet! Happy you!

Types of heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are the latest in contemporary bathroom design, perfectly suited to a modern, luxurious bathroom.

Installing a new, high-tech model can provide an attractive new design feature and give your bathroom a contemporary, updated feel.

No matter what your tastes in bathroom décor, you can find the perfect heated towel rail to suit your style. They come in a wide variety of designs,colours to cute ladder styles.

There are three main styles of heated towel rails.

#1. Freestanding Towel Rails

These traditional-style heated towel rails allow to you position them in a variety of locations, depending on how you want want to use them.

Installation is also straightforward: simply plug them into a standard powerpoint, switch on and you’re good to go.

#2. Individually Heated Towel Rails

If you don’t have a lot of towels to heat up, or you want to locate your rails in multiple locations around your bathroom, then individually heated towel rails might be the answer.

Generally, this style of towel rail has the vertical supports inside the wall, so that all that you see is the horizontal rails, creating a minimalist look in your bathroom.

#3. Ladder Rail

The ladder towel rail is the most common type of heated towel rail, and consists of two vertical supports, with multiple horizontal heated rails running between the supports.

Ladder-style heated towel rails are also generally available in a wide range of size, materials and designs to suit any bathroom design.

Both individual rails and ladder rails are wall-mounted designs, which makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms, as they don’t require as much floor space as conventional towel rails do.

You may also choose to run your rails from floor to ceiling to create space for additional storage of clean towels.

Find the right heated towel rail for you

If you really want your bathroom to be a relaxing, enjoyable space, it has to look good and function effectively. It should be a room that you look forward to spending time in, and that means getting the aesthetics right.

A heated towel rail might be the ultimate in bathroom luxury, but it offers so many advantages that installing one makes sense. Now you just have to find the right style to suit your bathroom.

Whichever style you choose, installing a heated towel rail will ensure that you always have a warm, dry towel close at hand whenever you need it.

If you would like any help and advice on bathroom towel rails, please contact us.

And for tips and tricks to help you create a bathroom you’ll love, download our guide to Designing Your Dream Bathroom.