Power Points – The Unsung Hero Of A Pleasurable Bathroom Experience


When it comes to installing power points, many people forget the bathroom. However, as long as it’s done safely, having power points in your bathroom can transform a frustrating experience into a complete delight.

Here are a few reasons why power points are the unsung heroes of a pleasurable bathroom experience.


1. No fighting over access

Your morning routine can be stressful enough without having to fight over access to the essential tools you need to get ready for your day. Installing enough power points in the bathroom means that you can plug in at the same time as your other half and the kids, avoiding those morning arguments!

In addition, many busy homes use double adaptors or powerboards so everyone can plug all their gadgets and devices in at once. This can be dangerous, as you can overload a power point and cause electronic devices to burn out. Having more power points in the bathroom enables everyone to plug in safely.


2. Get ready with ease

These days, electrical goods are part of everybody’s grooming routines. We can’t imagine being able to look good without hair dryers, curlers and straighteners, shavers and electric toothbrushes.

Installing power points in your bathroom makes it much easier to get ready for any occasion, as you can plug your grooming products in exactly where you need them. Careful consideration of the ideal locations for your power points will ensure a seamless workflow in the mornings.


3. Charge your devices

We all use electronic gadgets more and more in our spare time, but after a long day at work, the batteries in your phone and tablet might not have much life left.

This problem can be solved by installing power points and USB ports in the bathroom. You can charge your devices while you enjoy a luxurious soak in the bathtub to relax after work, then you and your devices can both have plenty of battery life for your evening entertainment!


4. Add some style

Some people are reluctant to install power points in their bathrooms because they think it will ruin the appearance of the room. This is no longer the case!

Power points don’t have to be dull white rectangles anymore. There are now a huge variety of different bathroom designs and styles available, so you can choose a power point design that coordinates with your bathroom and adds to its appeal.

By adding these small bathroom accessories, you can put the essential finishing touches to the room, making it look and feel even more luxurious.


5. Hide them away

If you don’t want your bathroom power points on show, there are also plenty of options for keeping them out of sight. Power points can easily be installed inside your bathroom vanity or cabinet.

This is a highly convenient option, as it keeps your power points within easy reach where you need them most, but with no need to disrupt your tiling or alter the appearance of the room.


Bathroom power point installation tips

Obviously, mixing water and electricity is highly dangerous, and there are extremely stringent regulations about where you can position your power points in your bathroom. Make sure to consult a qualified electrician before finalising the location of your power points.

It’s also essential to position your power points nowhere near your bath or shower.


How to choose your power point locations

The best way to choose the position of your power points is to think about the gadgets you’ll want to use in the bathroom. How often will you need to use each one? Which do you need to use most? Which angles would enable you to use them easily?

Before you install your power points, you should also consult with an experienced electrician. They ‘ll be able to advise you on any rewiring your bathroom might need, and also establish the safest places to install your power points to make life in your bathroom easier.


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