Underfloor Heating – Keep Your Toes Warm this Winter!


Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom can be the perfect way to keep your toes warm and cosy for the colder months. But some people are daunted at the thought of installing it – they think it’s difficult to use and expensive to run, or don’t realise all the benefits it offers.

Here’s what you need to know about the ultimate in luxury bathroom ideas.

1. Underfloor heating warms the entire room

Underfloor heating creates a perfectly even spread of heat throughout your bathroom, from the ground up. This means it keeps everything warm, not just your toes. It creates a warmer environment when you’re soaking in the bathtub or getting out of the shower. Even better, your towel and robe will be toasty, too.

2. Underfloor heating is an extremely safe heating option

Safety needs to be a primary concern in any bathroom. Underfloor heating is much less hazardous than other heating options. This is because there are no exposed hot surfaces that can cause burns if they accidentally touch the skin.

Because of this, underfloor heating is an ideal option for everyone, but particularly families with children.

3. Underfloor heating is totally silent

Your bathroom should be a peaceful and relaxing environment. This can be totally destroyed by the noise of a fan or the rattle of a wall heater. Underfloor heating has the advantage of being completely silent, making it much easier to relax and unwind in your bathroom.

4. Underfloor heating is easy to use

Some people are daunted at the thought of underfloor heating because they think it’s going to be more complicated to use. In fact, the complete opposite is true.

Underfloor heating is simply controlled from a thermostat. This means you can easily program your ideal conditions, no matter what time of day or night it is, without having to go through any complex procedures.

It’s also a really low-maintenance method of heating your bathroom – simply set your desired temperature and forget about it until you want to change it.

5. Underfloor heating doesn’t take up much space

Space is a major issue in most bathrooms due to the number of fixtures and fittings which need to be installed and the vast array of products which have to be stored. This means you have to be creative when it comes to making the best possible use of the available space.

Unlike radiators or fans, underfloor heating takes up virtually no space. It can be installed directly underneath your floor tiles. This means you can plan your ideal bathroom layout without having to take the heating into consideration.

It also requires no wall cavity or roof space, making it ideal for homes of a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

6. Underfloor heating keeps your bathroom clean

Cleaning the bathroom can be a difficult task at the best of times, but certain heating systems can make it worse. Dust can gather in the nooks and crannies on and around radiators. They can be extremely awkward to clean around or underneath. Fans can blow the dust all around the room, making it almost impossible to clean up.

Underfloor heating solves these problems. There are no additional surfaces where the dust can gather and no fans to blow the dust about. It’s literally as simple as sweeping the floor.

Underfloor heating is also an extremely hygienic option. It dries your bathroom more quickly so there’s less chance for mould to grow. As well as making cleaning far easier, this makes the air healthier to breathe. This is beneficial for everyone but has particular benefits for people who suffer from allergies or asthma and for families with children.

7. Underfloor heating is energy efficient

You may be surprised to discover that underfloor heating can actually save you money on your energy bills. Despite being thought of as a luxury item, it only uses up a quarter of the amount of energy required to run a heat lamp over the duration of a year, which means your energy bill will shrink significantly.

This is because it’s a highly energy efficient heating system. It warms the lower half of the room first and so provides a feeling of warmth at a lower temperature than other heating systems. The heat is positioned at the right height for people to feel it most.

As heat rises, this also means less is wasted. Fans, in particular, are very inefficient, as they heat the room unevenly and blow the warm air around, so more heat escapes.

8. Underfloor heating works with your floor

Underfloor heating systems are installed directly under your bathroom floor tiles. As tiles are such an effective conductor of heat, this means the floor heats up quickly and stays warm for longer. The heat will be retained even if your bathroom has a high level of heat loss.

However, underfloor heating isn’t just suitable for tiled floors – it can work with timber or vinyl flooring, too. All this requires is for a layer of self-levelling compound to be placed between the heating system and your chosen flooring. You can still achieve your perfect bathroom design, no matter what your taste.

Find out more about underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is an ideal option for all kinds of people and homes. If you’d like more information, please contact us, and our team will be happy to help.

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