The Many Benefits of a Wall Hung Basin for Your Bathroom


A wall hung basin can be a great addition to any bathroom. It’s sleek and modern, as well as being practical because it is so effective at saving space.

Discover the many advantages of a wall mounted basin and why it might be the perfect finishing touch for your new bathroom.

What is a wall hung basin?

A wall hung basin, as its name suggests, is mounted directly onto the wall, with no bathroom vanity underneath. This makes it a flexible and practical choice for bathrooms of all sizes. With a wide range of different design options available, a wall mounted basin enables you to stamp your own personality onto your bathroom design.

Here are some of the main advantages of having a wall hung basin in your bathroom.

The benefits of a wall hung basin

1. It makes a feature out of your basin

Despite being essential, the basin is often overlooked as a feature in the bathroom. As it’s usually attached to a vanity, this is what tends to grab the attention. The vanity is larger than the basin itself and so overpowers the basin as a visual focal point. Having the basin coming directly out of the wall draws the eye to it, making it an unusual and attractive design element.

2. It offers modern, elegant styling

Wall hung basins are often found in luxury hotels as they offer ultra-modern, chic styling. Because of this, they’re increasingly in demand from homeowners wanting to add a luxurious touch to a contemporary bathroom design scheme.

3. It creates a minimalist look

Bathrooms can often look cluttered as they have to contain so many fixtures and fittings, as well as the huge array of personal products often found on display. A wall mounted basin enables you to take a step back and breathe. As it isn’t surrounded by a vanity, it leaves a clear space around and beneath the basin, giving the room a more streamlined, minimalist feel.

4. It increases your property value

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home for prospective buyers. They are more attracted to a bathroom which has been furnished with all the latest fixtures and fittings. The luxurious feel of a wall hung basin means you can ask for a higher price for your property.

5. It saves on space

A bathroom vanity can take up a large amount of space in a bathroom. A wall hung basin only needs to take up as much room as its own dimensions. It’s a great space-saving option, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms.

6. It makes your bathroom appear larger

As it doesn’t require a vanity, a wall hung basin leaves the floor space underneath completely clear. This creates an unbroken expanse of flooring so your bathroom automatically appears larger.

The same applies to the space on each side, which would usually be taken up by the vanity. The more clear space you can leave in your bathroom, the less broken the lines are, so the more spacious your bathroom will appear.

7. It allows you to show off more of your tiles

Your tiles are one of the most important choices when designing your bathroom. They’re also often one of the costliest features. Naturally, you want to show them off as much as possible! As a wall mounted basin takes up no floor space and less wall space, it’s a great way of leaving more of your tiles visible.

8. You can choose your storage solutions

While a bathroom vanity can be practical for storage, it doesn’t suit everyone. A wall hung basin offers you the flexibility to design your own storage solutions to suit your own tastes and the design of your bathroom. For example, you may prefer open shelving, or storage recessed into the walls to create more space. This is ideal if your bathroom is smaller or an unusual shape.

9. It’s easy to clean and maintain

Wall hung basins are compact and have plenty of space all around them. This makes them ideal for cleaning. They don’t have the nooks and crannies of a vanity and there’s no need to reach into a tiny space at floor level. They’re also ideal for easy maintenance as they leave more space for plumbing work to be done.

10. It offers flexibility

A vanity restricts the positioning of your basin as there has to be enough room for a large piece of furniture. A wall hung basin offers much greater flexibility as it can be positioned just about anywhere. This means you can put a truly personal stamp on your bathroom design and arrange the room in the most practical way for you.

11. It makes the sink more accessible

Often in the bathroom, you need to get as close to the mirror as possible. This can be difficult when there’s a vanity in the way underneath the sink, whether you’re standing or sitting on a bathroom stool. A wall mounted basin enables you to get much closer to the sink and the mirror, making it a much more practical choice for washing, shaving and putting on makeup. It’s also an ideal option for wheelchair users.

12. It gives you the option of a pedestal

A wall hung basin is ideal for creating a clean, streamlined look if all your plumbing goes through the wall. However, if your pipes have to go through the floor and can’t be altered, you have the option of adding a pedestal underneath the basin. This is a great design idea if you don’t want your plumbing on show. It also adds a classic style to your bathroom while taking up less space than a vanity.

13. It offers a wide choice of designs

Wall mounted basins come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and designs. No matter what the style of your bathroom, you can find the perfect wall hung basin to complement your scheme and express your personality.

Discover more about wall hung basins

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