Wall-Hung vs Floor-Mounted Toilet


Deciding what you want out of your toilet is an important decision, and is one that has a significant impact on your home. Over the last few years, that decision has boiled down to one fundamental question – wall hung or floor mounted?

Wall hung toilets are stylish, modern, and functional, but there are reasons why people still opt for floor mounted units.

Here are the most important factors to consider when you are making your decision.

Reasons to choose a wall hung toilet

A wall hung toilet is connected to the wall, with no part of the toilet touching the floor.

The cistern is built into the wall cavity, which is where all the plumbing is located. As no floor support system is needed, a wall hung toilet has a clear space underneath it.

Because no part of the unit needs to touch the floor, a wall hung toilet takes up less space, so it is ideal for a smaller bathroom.

It shows off more of your floor tiling and can make your bathroom look bigger.

The extra space underneath a wall hung toilet can also have the advantage of making cleaning easier. It is also a great choice for a wet room as it makes it easier to keep the floor dry.

Another important part of choosing the right toilet is the way it looks. If you want the look of a designer toilet, a wall hung toilet is the right option for you.

It has a sleek, modern design which works well in a contemporary bathroom.

Wall hung toilets are highly fashionable so they can be the main feature of your bathroom design. They can also add value due to their stylish appeal.

Reasons to choose a floor mounted toilet

Many of us have floor mounted toilets in our bathrooms.. All the plumbing is generally connected through the floor or through the wall behind the toilet.

Because of this, the plumbing work needed for a floor mounted toilet is less complicated than for a wall hung model, so they are generally easier to install and maintain.

When it comes to looks, floor mounted toilets come in a wide variety of bathroom designs and styles.

As they are connected to the floor, they may not have the sleek, minimalist lines of wall hung toilets, but they are suited to a wide variety of bathroom design schemes and work particularly well with more traditional décor.

As they have been popular for a long time, you can easily incorporate a floor mounted toilet into an opulent design scheme inspired by the past, but it can also work well in a more modern bathroom.

How should I make my decision?

The right toilet for your bathroom will always be a question of personal taste.

Choose a model that you like and that suits the overall design scheme of your bathroom.

A wall hung toilet is likely to be a more appropriate choice for a modern minimalist décor theme, while a floor mounted toilet will work better with any classic design.

You also need to take the budget for your bathroom into account.

Toilets vary from unit to unit, but wall hung toilets tend to be more expensive and involve more plumbing work, which will also add to the cost. However, they do have that all-important designer look.

In the long run, a wall hung toilet could be a better investment as it can be an attractive feature if you decide to sell your home.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

If you would like more help and advice choosing the right toilet to suit your bathroom, the team here at First Choice Warehouse are always happy to help.

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