Why You Should Choose a Vanity That’s All Drawers


Your vanity is one of the most important features of your bathroom. The ideal bathroom vanity needs to be both practical and stylish.

However, with so many different design options available, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Would a vanity with doors or drawers be the better option?

Choosing a bathroom vanity that’s all drawers can be a great solution for a new or refurbished bathroom design. Here’s why.

1. Storage is the biggest challenge in any bathroom

Bathrooms are often a challenge to design due to the number of fixtures and fittings they need to contain. For your bathroom design to be both practical and attractive, it has to make the best possible use of the available space.

This means getting creative with your storage solutions. You need as much storage as possible to prevent your bathroom from looking cluttered. Drawers can provide a better use of the space as many of the items you need to store in a bathroom are relatively small. They can be tidied away easily in drawers without getting messy.

2. Drawers can be organised easily

A vanity with plenty of drawers is ideal for organising all your bathroom items in a neat, practical way. You can group items together by how often they’re used, or by their category – for example, hair products in one drawer, shaving items in another.

It’s also easy to include inserts or organisers in your drawers to prevent smaller items from getting lost, or to keep specific products separated from everything else.

Additionally, drawers are a great solution if there’s more than one person using your bathroom. Each person can be given their own drawer. This means nobody can say they used your shampoo because they couldn’t find theirs!

3. Drawers offer great access to everything

When all your bathroom items are stored in drawers, you can easily access them. Unlike a cupboard, you can see the contents of a drawer at a glance and everything is within easy reach. No more rummaging to find that long-lost item at the back of the cupboard.

Better organisation and access give you the chance to relax in the bathtub that little bit longer, knowing you can easily get your hands on all your favourite products.

4. Drawers are easy and safe to use

One of the main aims of a good bathroom design is that it should be a peaceful and relaxing environment. Bathroom vanities with drawers make this easier to achieve as drawers open and close smoothly with minimal noise. Cupboard doors can slam shut, destroying the peace in your bathroom.

It’s also essential to consider safety in your bathroom, especially if you have children. Doors can be a hazard for trapping small fingers. Most modern drawers, however, come with soft slides, so they can be opened and closed more safely.

5. Drawers can take up less space

Bathrooms can get crowded, especially if there’s more than one person using them. It’s important to create a design that presents as few obstacles as possible and creates maximum standing room.

A single drawer takes up a lot less space than a cupboard door if it needs to be left open. This means it’s much easier to manoeuvre around, which is particularly important if you’re in a hurry. A door swinging out into the surrounding space can divide up your bathroom, making the design a lot less practical.

6. Drawers create a modern, stylish look

Another important consideration when you’re designing your bathroom is its appearance. This matters particularly if you intend to sell your home at any point in the future. For prospective buyers, the bathroom is one of the main selling points of the home. They expect to see a modern design scheme that shows a lot of care has been taken.

A vanity with all-drawers offers a sleek, minimalist appearance with clean lines. This is essential for a contemporary bathroom design. It will increase the value of your home, as well as making your bathroom a more stylish environment for you and everyone you share your home with.

There is a wide range of beautiful looking all-drawer vanity options available today. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

And download our guide to designing your dream bathroom to help you create a bathroom you’ll love.